About Protocol Recordings

Ever since its inception in 2012, Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings has been breathing a new lease of life into the dance music scene. Priding itself on creating inventive releases, international repertoire signings, all while earning international acclaim in the process. Throughout the continuous praise Romero receives throughout his career, he ensures the label focuses on instilling core values around the main mantra of family, trust, transparency, and expertise. Protocol Recordings has truly found its footing as a world-renowned record label and event company, that focuses on innovation throughout every creation released.
Protocol Recordings continually strives to shape the future of dance music by scouting musical trends and nurturing talented and dedicated artists. The Protocol team, with over 20 years of collaborative experience within their field, further anchors and builds on the foundation on which the Protocol brand was incepted. Without the family atmosphere that the Protocol family members create, there would be no foundation for the brand to continually grow and gain esteem.

Our Story

Protocol Artists

Whether it’s developing budding talent or championing already seasoned DJs and Producers, Protocol Recordings has quickly established itself as one of the industry’s high impact boutique labels. Protocol prides itself as the go-to outlet for forward thinking electronic music, featuring the likes of Nicky Romero, Calvin Harris, Don Diablo, W&W, Deniz Koyu, Thomas Gold, and Raiden. Additionally, Protocol Recordings is home to rising talents like Timmo Hendriks, Teamworx, Trilane, DØBER, and Maximals.


Alongside multiple Beatport Top 10 placements and #1’s, the YouTube 100,000 award, the Beatport Sales Award, 3 Gold records, 1 Platinum and 1 Double Platinum record and a weekly radio show syndicated in over 110 countries (amassing over 35 million listeners each week), no one can deny that the influence Protocol Recordings has around the world is growing at an astonishingly rapid rate.

Our Philosophy

Quality Not Quantity

What sets Protocol Recordings apart from others is its unwavering commitment to producing cutting edge and original material. Even though there is a high influx of demos emerging into the office every week, they are peculiar with their selections as the team wants to focus on the old adage ‘quality, not quantity.’ Maintaining the frequency of releases allows the label to focus on putting out high-quality singles and to create extensive promotional efforts for the releases and their artists.

Our Global Network

Our Partners

With the ability to harbor an extensive global network of radio promoters, label partners, licensees, and digital distributors, Protocol maintains the ability to be a strong anchor in the electronic dance music by sustaining and thriving off of the ability to take risks within their musical direction. What ties the label together is the high-level interaction across social media channels – participating in think tanks and beta programs with various DSPs – means that from conception to completion, no stone is left unturned.

Music Videos

In the past years, Protocol has silenced critics with their ‘out of the box’ video concepts, earning extensive praise and inciting conversation with the innovative video for ‘Let Me Feel’. Emphasizing their revolutionary and experimental approach and deviation from the EDM standard, the music videos for ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Heart of Steel’, ‘Love You Forever’ and ‘Stay’ will serve to further cement them as one of the most avant-garde labels when it comes to visual content. Also continually shaking things up with their recurring rebrands, Protocol Recordings proves that for them at least, the devil is in the detail.

Protocol Recordings

Our Passion

Protocol Events

Ensuring all eyes of the world’s media and tastemakers were trained on their superb roster of talent, Protocol Recordings staged its inaugural showcase during the famed Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2012. Now marking the unofficial opening of ADE each year, they have become renowned for road-blocking events in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, London, Budapest, and Madrid. They have reached a level of experience in hosting many global festival areas, utilizing its team’s years of expertise in producing events at a worldwide level, each event combines impressive stage design, bespoke visuals and lighting, special effects, merchandising and public relations for a truly unforgettable experience.

Protocol Family

Our Community

Protocol Family

The emphasis of Protocol Recordings is rooted entirely around the concept of family. They have ensured that this sense of camaraderie and loyalty is expressed throughout each and every one of their releases, signings, events, and indeed the brand itself. Always innovative, the team inspires a scene that many deem be deteriorating, injecting new life into the industry, and claiming its rightful place as one of the most prominent electronic dance music labels in the world.

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