Stadiumx, Going Deeper & MC Flipside – Dangerous Vibes


Catalog Number: PR102 Category: Tags: , , Release Date: February 16, 2018

Protocol veterans Stadiumx are back on Protocol Recordings with their new track “Dangerous Vibes,” a tune that feels perfectly fitting for their massive return to the dance music scene. The powerhouse Hungarian duo teamed up with fellow producing duo Going Deeper to create “Dangerous Vibes,” which has elements of energetic progressive house, experimental bass and inspiring vocals by MC Flipside. The track begins with a driving, deep four-on-the-floor beat underneath of lyrics like “My whole life I’ve been told that music was meant to inspire us… music is supposed to be that inner voice that unifies people,” a sentiment that any avid music fan feels on a deeply personal level. The drop is the truly “dangerous” part about this track, though the heavy bass and serrating synths lend a party-worthy element to the track that is sure to have fans losing their minds at every festival this season!

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