Following an overwhelming wave of support for their collaboration on “All You Need Is Love,” acclaimed DJ and producer Nicky Romero, chart-topping artist Jonas Blue, and talented singer-songwriter Nico Santos are thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated festival edit of their hit track.

The festival edit of “All You Need Is Love” takes the original composition to new heights, captivating audiences with its soul-stirring vocals and captivating organic melodies. This evolution of the track showcases Romero and Blue’s exceptional production skills as they seamlessly blend electronic and pop elements, resulting in a truly mesmerizing musical experience.

Listen to “All You Need Is Love (Festival Edit)”!

Santos’ flawless and emotive delivery brings the song’s hopeful lyrics to life, resonating with listeners on a profound level. The festival edit of “All You Need Is Love” gradually builds up to an electrifying, progressive climax, injecting an undeniable euphoria into every beat. The synergy between Romero, Blue, and Santos in this adaptation creates an unrivaled sonic landscape that will transport festival-goers into a realm of pure joy and musical ecstasy.

The highly anticipated festival edit of “All You Need Is Love” made its grand debut at the renowned Ultra Music Festival, where it captivated a massive audience and left attendees yearning for more. Its premiere at one of the world’s most prestigious electronic music events solidified its status as a must-hear anthem for the festival season.