Just after releasing his track “Home” earlier this month, Thomas Newson is back with his brand new 3-track EP “Dysnomia.” In addition to “Home,” it includes two brand new records – “3AM” and “Dysnomia,” which continue the deep melodic sonic path that “Home” laid out. As the catchy vocals of “3AM” begin, you can almost imagine Newson wandering the streets of the famous Dutch city after a night of revelry, and the undulating melodies bring an upbeat, emotive feel to it. The EP rounds out with its namesake track, which is metaphorically fitting as it crosses genres and becomes difficult to put a label on; cinematic and ominous yet euphoric at once, “Dysnomia” represents Newson sending a message that he’s capable of so much more than one sound, and he’s only going up from here.

Listen to “Dysnomia EP”!

“The main goal for the EP was to show you a different side and the versatility of Thomas Newson. Since I was born, I have never stuck to one specific genre. I’m a music lover, so I like to create and play whatever I like. The ‘Dysnomia’ EP is an example of that. ‘Home’ is the perfect track you listen to while you’re traveling, 3AM is that track you play later at night when the moon shines, and ‘Dysnomia’ is the track you close your night with and return back home.” – Thomas Newson

Thomas Newson first burst into the scene back in 2013 with a stream of big room releases on Revealed Recordings, Musical Freedom, Armada Music, Spinnin’ Records, and more. Recently his style has evolved to include more rhythmic house influences, and “Home” on Protocol fits the bill perfectly. In the previous years, his notable releases include “Skin” and “Ocean Deep” on our label, or “Rapapa” and “Medea” under The Myth Of NYX. Newson is the son of veteran DJ and producer Marco V, with whom he has collaborated multiple times. He has lit up the stage at festivals across the world, including Tomorrowland, Creamfields, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, to name only a few. His 2013’s single “Flute,” released with New World Sound, is now a global classic, having been viewed more than 130M times on YouTube alone.